Hill 70 Quantock
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The Simmental program at Hill 70 Quantock Ranch is a three part program that maintains a consistent goal across the three parts. We annually calve approximately 40 cows in our fall program - all F1 Simmental/Red Angus and Angus hybrids which we offer each February. These bulls are bred, born and raised within the confines of our ranch's home quarter and are the product of Fleckveigh sires used on our Red Angus females.

Our black Hybrid line of bulls are produced in association with Gabriel and Candice Lavoie of Mallaig, Alberta. These bulls are entirely Hill 70 genetics and follow the same breeding philosophy that every other bull in the sale is subject to. We continue to work closely with the Marin family of Ceylon, Saskatchewan on their co-operator herd to produce Simmental bulls that buck the trend. You will see these bulls offered as two year olds every year - a rarity in today's Simmental industry. These bulls are raised gently and backgrounded to develop (not fatten) in order to offer them as sound bulls that will simply get the job done and breed your cows.

We have done away with the structural and overfeeding issues that are so prevalent when trying to source a Simmental bull elsewhere. Phenotypic duplicates to all the other breeds on offer with the Simmental influence to give you those extra pounds at weaning through hybrid vigor.


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